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Maryland to raise minimum wage to $10.10, among highest in nation


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plot twist: She(the cat) actually ████ and this is all a █████████████ ██ ███ ████ ███████

plot twist: She(the cat) actually ████ and this is all a █████████████ ██ ███ ████ ███████

Conn. raises minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, highest in nation


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Disney animator Heidi Gilbert recently put together this original animatic based on the Wicked musical in an attempt to see about having it done as an animated movie.


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Planet Fitness....


I did not enjoy the experience. Not one bit.

So we walk in, and there’s a few people there, both staff and gymgoers. I look around to see what’s available. There’s a lot of machines and a lot of cardio equipment. I don’t see any barbells whatsoever. So we look around and I’m looking to check out…

I’m curious which branch you were in, because I’d report that! I’ve been to two branches, one in NJ and one in Philly, and had nothing but positive experiences for close to a year. The two of them were pretty different in terms of what equipment was available, as one was pretty limited by space constraints, but

We do dumbbell 5x5s usually, 3 days a week, and use the ab machines. Zero cardio, even though . I set off the lunk alarm once, when I dropped a set of 80s (our dumbbells go up that high; Philly only went up to 70ish, but dumbbells were much more popular there) from about a foot off the ground. It happened so fast, and when I looked at the counter, three guys were running to shut it off, that I thought maybe there was a sensor in the floor.
We’ve met some great people, of all fitness levels, and no one’s ever gotten in trouble for wearing compression gear or tights or underarmor or even tanktops (but spaghetti-strap tank-tops are banned, a decision I can’t argue with, but there’s no accounting for fashion choices) We have barbells here, too, but they’re not freeweights; they’re the ones that are built into a rack and have the little safety catch
Am I a beginner? Maybe. Maybe the person with me is a beginner. Maybe the only beginner in that gym was the clerk. Whatever the case, you didn’t break any rules (If your story didn’t leave anything out) and that particular branch sounds like a noob-fest (of clerks). I have to disagree with your opinion of Planet Fitness in general though, because of my experinces, and because it’s immensely popular at the 3 nearest branches, since they can deliver the same level of equipment as the $60-$150/month gyms for $10 a month.

TL; DR: Report that dbag.

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self positivity is f*cking great!!! u think ur cool??? then ur cool!!! u think ur cute??? then ur hella cute!!! look at you go. so amazing

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Excerpt: Former President Jimmy Carter's call to action


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Fantastic call to action, and it’s nice to hear the “Christian layman” perspective on how the patriarchy and classism and dominance culture dehumanize us all.
His opinion is not a popular one, and I hope it makes some waves and wakes some people up. Also, I know nothing he’s saying is new, but his perspective on it is.

Clean eating


Although I’m on a weight loss journey “clean eating” isn’t really a priority for me, it’s not something that I feel compelled to do.

For those that do “eat clean” may I ask how you feel from doing so? Not so much from a weight loss perspective but overall health. Do you have better hair / skin? More energy? Better digestion? Sleep better? If so how long did it take to feel any benefits?

I’m very curious if you are willing to share your experience.

I think it’s more of a priority in America, where corporations are allowed to feed us toxic pesticides, synthetic hormones, and genetically-modified slime that wasn’t good for you back when it was organic(High Fructose Corn Syrup)

The biggest difference for me was realizing that soda never tasted good to begin with; I’d just been conditioned to believe it was a treat because it had a lot of sugar in it, therefore it was some kind of reward, therefore it must be good, and if I don’t think it’s good then there’s something wrong with me because I’m different so I better start enjoying it even if it I doesn’t taste that good (And so on; my point being that this is a spiral)

I am so glad I gave up corn syrup a few years ago. I’ve never been a meat-eater, so I didn’t have to worry about hormones so much, except in dairy products. So I was vegan for a few months, until I moved back in with my daughter, who when left in charge of her own diet only eats “White” food, like potatoes, pasta, milk, cheese, bread, pizza with no tomato sauce, and I found I was consuming all kinds of dairy again without thinking about it.

I still know the dairy is bad for me, but at least I make anything with milk/butter/cheese in it myself, and don’t buy the heavily-processed/frozen/chemical shitstorm meals anymore.

During the first year or two, people would tell me that I looked younger and healthier(in the face, as those who compliment fat people don’t usually know how to talk about anything other than the face) and nowadays fruit has more than enough sweetness and candy bars/soda/etc taste like doodoo. That’s the only real effect I can think of.

Wait.. why would I want an electric toothbrush that only moves in one direction? Is it circular like a saw, or a belt-sander?

Wait.. why would I want an electric toothbrush that only moves in one direction? Is it circular like a saw, or a belt-sander?